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Skullgirls 的塗鴉x2
Sonic 圖




Now I've More n' More pics waiting completed...


The currently scheduled:

Bwen doodle x2
Doodle of Skullgirls x2
Sonic paintings

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orziloveKTE Featured By Owner 20 hours ago…  Gravity Falls - Opening Theme Song 2015

Damn, Bill,

Why are you so cray-cray?


As the story develops, the more I see it just more apt the metaphor “ Trust No One ” … I wonder is that Soos really on season2 ep19 ? He just so cool and sober; I think the end of scene may be trying to reveal this…

Btw, where is Robbie? If Shooting Star’s bubble didn’t show him, which means Wendy still unable to face him? Or something else?

Meanwhile Bill looks doesn’t care about his “ important hostage ” , if this isn’t his plan B, then he just too silly.


I’m so sorry, I know I disappear for sooo long time, it was quite frustrated with me and unwell, had a cold several times; but I am here now.

And I appreciate all of my DA friends, you know how to forgive me, without undue concern and pressure, just what I need. : iconalaughplz:

I will cheer up as soon as possible, I don’t want to lose too much inspiration as well. :D


DC-Fat-Gorillas Featured By Owner 20 hours ago
Hello, my friend. Long time no talk.
LorienInksong Featured By Owner May 17, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hi again, just wanted to stop by real quick and thank you for the watch. :)
LorienInksong Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hi there!  Thanks for faving 'Princess of the Night'!  I have more art where that came from so stop by my gallery again sometime.  (Especially since I'm about to upload a big Discord anthro piece. XD )
orziloveKTE Featured By Owner May 9, 2015

Recently I reviewed some classic music of Lincoln Park, full with explosive and emotional catharsis screaming, varied and multi-layered flavors melodies, I believe this is the reason why people always follow for.

However, there’s many people try to modify their works and make something interesting, like South Park style, I deemed them as pop-rocks if Linkin Park was warhead-candy. :)

I only po some South Pork ver music here therefore:… Blackout

How can you ignore these amazing wild scream?

And the final third of the section is quite appealing to me, not just contrary to the beginning of the high-pitched excitement, but also lead me into another level of stable, no boring, no stiff, only rich feeling.… Papercut

I think their art influenced many Asian music styles, I thought this was Jay Chou' s song at first. :lol:… Points Of Authority… From The Inside… Waiting for the End

This ver makes the original rhythm easier n’ livelier even. :dance:

DC-Fat-Gorillas Featured By Owner May 2, 2015
Hello, bro. How are you?

BTW, I just wanted to ask you permission to use the pic you recently did for me as my Youtube's channel banner?

I'll only use it when you give me permission.
orziloveKTE Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015

最近又猛然回念起以往的國語經典歌曲, 先分享一些在這裡:

應該不少人聽過 《剪愛》, 我找到兩位歌聲都具有濃厚層次、聽起來別有番滋味的版本:… 張惠妹… 方炯鑌

另外則是不少人應該有印象的張宇, 滄桑嗓音混著渾厚磁性美喉, 或多或少各位可能有聽過他的歌曲或被其他後輩改編的曲目; 他妻子也是相當高實力的填詞家, 還有相當霸氣的藝名蕭十一郎呢~~ 兩人堪稱台灣歌曲界的神鵰俠侶了吧? :XD:… 用心良苦… 這則是蔡琴版本的… 雨一直下… 袖手旁觀

既然提到蔡琴, 當然不能不貼她的經典歌曲:… 被遺忘的時光… 最後一夜

然後是已故梅艷芳的:… 親密愛人… 女人花… 似水流年


聽著聽著, 不禁鼻酸起來了以往聽這些歌時同時正享受年輕歲月的過往都會不停浮現:aww:

orziloveKTE Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015

Rock is not necessarily must have intense rhythm, or breathless melody; Rock can be gentle, warm, fun and even heart-touching,

Share with some more Foo Fighters’ music here, be sure u can rock with their hot-blooded soul, just turn up the volume:…; Foo Fighters – Walk

In the wild passion you still can enjoy their delicate and soft, so cool.

( WTF with the mv of content… XDDDD )…; Foo Fighters - Dear Rosemary

The e-guitar howl sound shock my heart:…; Foo Fighters - Bridge Burning

This is one of my fav, man. :la: 

orziloveKTE Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015…  Paperman

Such amazing Disney short film, quite surprised at the whole film only with black and white, somehow u can see the tone full with light, sweetness, lovely and breathtaking melody… :)

orziloveKTE Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015…  Becky G - Shower

Filled with youth, vitality,  such sweet song. P:

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